Sunday, December 2, 2007

Car Insurance

Q: What must i do to apply for the car insurance for getting my first car also the used one?

A: At first, it is important to know that which type of car you are going to purchase like the brand name, model, price etc. Then go to the nearest car dealer or whom you want and ask him about your choice and all the car insurance details and the interest on it. He will give you the quote of the insurance. You will have to fill the application form and they will give you some policy papers or will fax them to you. Send a copy of the policy to the dealer and bring your car home.

Q: My wife don't have a license now to drive b'coz she was caught and find for driving with the expired auto insurance. Can we get the license again if we pay the car insurance again?

A: Though you didn't mention the country you are living in and rules may vary from country to country and state to state but normally this type of act should involve only fine and no permanent ban. talk to insurance company or its agents and they should be able to help you out.

Q: If i involve in an accident from other party who don't have any insurance. Will i still be compensated?

A: Driving a car or truck without insurance is illegal in most of the countries. If you ever involved in such a thing talk to your attorney or lawyer and you should be able to get compensation.

Q: My mom has not mentioned my name in the car insurance policy. But being a family member living in the same house i used to drive the car. Is it safe on my part or i should buy a new car with a new insurance policy?

A: You just have to submit an affidavit for adding your name in your mom's car insurance policy. Also you have to assure the court that you will not drive that car if you have your own with another car insurance policy. The another way is that you buy an inexpensive car and get the liability policy on it. It will also save your money.


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